My “Go To” Resources

Folks if you expect to be in this business to make money then you better plan to invest in the basic tools of the trade. This is no different than the real world; be it a doctor or a plumber they can not survive with out some basic tools. The same thing applies in online businesses a as in the real world when it comes to knowledge so in most cases you need to start there. Understand this from the “get go”; There is no magic button, no overnight success, no rags to riches roads to success. Success comes through hard work and implementation of a sound business strategy which is impossible without training and tools.  I humbly submit the following recommendations which are not all inclusive and by no means the only options available, they are just the ones I have had the most success with in my business.  The key is to get the training and tools you need to start off with a good foundation.


The only training resource your will ever need. For the most current training for anyone involved in someway within the online space I would recommend with the utmost confidence a platform I use almost daily. This is by far the most valuable resource in the online community and as I said I use it exclusively in my own business. It has the best training bar none and includes some awesome guided training such as “Operation 100K” as well as training on other topics which is all complimentary with membership. You will all find a ton of other recommended resources and opportunities for almost anything you will ever need, and top of the line support. In my humble opinion this is indispensable if you expect to survive within this space going forward. You can get it here if you are interested.

Solo Ad Providers

What would you guess is the #1 way to promote any website online? The short answer is Email marketing with solo ads! Here are the basics when it comes to solo ads. A message containing your offer or opportunity is sent via email to a mailing list of individuals who are interested in what you are selling. Solo ads are a pretty awesome strategy for promoting your products as well as an excellent way to build your own email list. The difficult part is finding solo ad providers you can trust. For me I have found that “The Directory of Ezines’ is the most comprehensive and up to date source of solo ad providers I have seen online. They are categorized so it makes it simple to send your offers to individuals that have a high probability of being interested in what you are promoting. Again, if this is something that would benefit your business as it has mine: Just click on this link and get it now.

Tracking Software

I have tried various tracking software programs and most all of them had pros and cons. What has really worked for me in the long run is a tracking software that not only tracks your links but provides you built in link rotators and the ability to do a-b testing for your landing pages. I now only use one tracking software program and you can check it out here. If are looking for a way to see how well your advertising is working while having the ability to optimize your landing pages with ease to get more return on your investment I would highly recommend Click Funnels (This is only is you are at a more advance stage). You can wait on a funnel builder but when you are ready you can start your free trial here.

My Favorite Paid Traffic Source

This is my favorite source for paid traffic for a several reasons; First and foremost I love that you can buy clicks in small quantities and for pennies on the dollar (most less than 50 cents) which works great for me when I want to do some testing on my Landing Pages; Secondly I love that you get to rate all the providers and you can see the ratings before you purchase; Lastly I love the ease with which you can purchase leads and know the exact date they will run as well as real live stats. Feel free to take it for a test drive here!